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Tet thieu nhi 1-6 at the University of Hanoi Culture

Post time: 20/06/2016

(DHVH) - Morning 31/05/2016, Trade Union Culture University Hanoi celebrates International Children's Day of 1-6, arts festival and awards for children are children of officials, school teachers have good academic achievement in the academic year 2015-2016.
The ceremony took place crowded with the presence of her uncle in the School Board, leaders of departments, faculties, centers, faculty members, and many the children of all ages join enough.

Chương trình văn nghệ của do các "nghệ sĩ" nhí biểu diễn

Opening the program is the most popular entertainment shows brought a jubilant atmosphere across the cultural hall. A joyous laughter, admiring glances enjoy ... All seemed innocent shone with happiness of childhood.
Speaking at the program, Assoc Nguyen Van Cuong Outstanding Teacher Rector pleased to welcome the children to attend the Children's Festival fun and commended the academic achievement of children, efforts in the past school year and handed the child hands meaningful gifts as spiritual encouragement. "We hope that you continue to promote the spirit to achieve the highest achievement in learning, active participation of social activities, helping you to overcome poverty and concern, shared with the students the domain deserves mountain hard and solid. "

PGS.TS. NGƯT Nguyễn Văn Cương- Hiệu trưởng nhà trường
 trao phần thưởng cho các cháu 

Along with cultural shows and awards, organized the program committee for the child a useful playground with interesting folk games like jumping rope, tug of war, sack jumping, blindfolded tinkle, Tokyo Quan, toilet 1 foot, jumping stalls unleash colored painting showing creativity ... etc. Although the weather was quite hot, but the positive response the game. Finally, after playing relaxed, the children were eating together and talking with each other.

Các con thử sức hết mình với trò chơi kéo co

Small gifts, the simple game but it is the cultural space that childhood sense of collective staff Culture University Hanoi for the International Children's Day, May you have sweet experience meaningful childhood, welcomed a summer full of interesting and useful.
The interesting folk games kids experience at the program:

Một ngày thật vui, thật ý nghĩa chào đón những ngày hè sôi động

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