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Hội thảo khoa học quốc gia: "Thế hệ nhà văn sau 1975"
Chỉ tiêu Tuyển sinh Đại học, Cao đẳng năm 2016 và lịch thi các môn năng khiếu
10 events typical of Hanoi University of Culture in 2015
(DHVH) - coming in 2015 ended with the mark for both teachers and students of Hanoi University of Culture. Besides the operation was successfully completed, then there are other activities also need to continue to invest, implemented as planned, the development strategy of the university. All are summarized in briefings last year's managing board and the leadership of the unit. Moments before spring is coming slowly, calmly new year full of prosperity, let's review the typical 10 event has been voted in the chain of events of the year finished as the recognition of the efforts and success collective public officials, school teachers 
Ceremony to announce the establishment decision and Family Faculty of Social Work
(DHVH) - With the approval and direction of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, November 6, 2015, the University Cultural Hanoi held a ceremony solemnly announced Decision established science family and social work.
Meeting with the press, opened the Office Magazine "Cultural Studies" and website: http://huc.edu.vn
(DHVH) - To celebrate the 90th anniversary of Vietnam Revolutionary Press 21/6, Culture University Hanoi had a meeting the press and opening Office Magazine "Cultural Studies" and website: http://huc.edu.vn on the afternoon of 19/06/2015.
Tan Trao University visited and worked at the University of Hanoi Culture
(DHVH) - This morning 06/03/2016, University Cultural Hanoi has welcomed the guest delegation from the University led by Dr. Tan Trao Nguyen Khai Hoan- Vice Rector led delegations, to visit and work at the University.
Closing ceremony of training courses Vietnamese project GYMB 5
Pm on 11/6, University of Hanoi Culture in collaboration with the Academy Daewoosky (Korea) held the Closing Ceremony training program for 91 trainees Vietnamese project managers Young Global business (GYBM) lock 5.
Tet thieu nhi 1-6 at the University of Hanoi Culture
(DHVH) - Morning 31/05/2016, Trade Union Culture University Hanoi celebrates International Children's Day of 1-6, arts festival and awards for children are children of officials, school teachers have good academic achievement in the academic year 2015-2016. The ceremony took place crowded with the presence of her uncle in the School Board, leaders of departments, faculties, centers, faculty members, and many the children of all ages join enough.
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