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Trưởng khoa
TS. Nguyễn Thị Thanh Mai
Tel: 04- 8.511971 - máy lẻ: 113
Mob: 090.425.2734
Email: maintt@huc.edu.vn

Phó trưởng khoa
TS. Nguyễn Thị Thu Lan
Tel: 0984805259
Email: lanntt@huc.edu.vn

Trưởng Bộ môn GDTC- QP
ThS. Tôn Thanh Hải
Tel: 0912488718
Email: haitt@huc.edu.vn

Trưởng bộ môn TIN HỌC
TS. Đỗ Quang Vinh
Email: vinhdq@huc.edu.vn

Formed from the early days to now, Faculty of Political Theories and Basic Sciences has undergone 54 years of development and growth for the different development journey.
In the first period, to serve the mission of fostering leadership in the cultural sector, the subjects are mainly training strategies, guidelines of the Party (including Art and Cultural Strategies) through the Congress and the resolution of the Politburo; at the same time, gradually building up the program, curriculum for the Marxist-Leninist subject to carry out formal training in the system. In this period, there are four divisions and 5 subjects: Marxism-Leninism; Marxist-Leninist Economy and politics; History of the Communist Party; Marxist-Leninist Aesthetics; Psychology subject under Marxist-Leninist division.
Along with the decision to upgrade Culture professional theory school to Culture College and then University of Culture, Marxist-Leninist division was officially changed to the Faculty of Marxist-Leninist. We can say, this is the period of maturity of Marxist-Leninist Faculty, because, the Faculty has developed a full range of basic science subjects of Marxist-Leninist for training level at Hanoi University of Culture as well as the schools of Ministry of Culture and Information (currently Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism). The Marxist-Leninist Science is one of the graduation examination subject for the students in the University. On the other hand, the quality of teaching and reputation of training of the Faculty is highly appreciated, therefore, together with National Economic University, Vietnam National University of Education, students of Hanoi University of Culture are recognized Intermediate political theory qualification after graduation. In this period, the Marxist-Leninist Faculty has 4 divisions and teaches five courses: Marxist-Leninist division; Marxist-Leninist Economics and politics division; Scientific socialism division; Communist Party History; Marxist-Leninist Ethics subject under Marxist-Leninist science divisions.
Step into the late 80s onwards, There are major changes on the program, content, teaching methods while objective conditions (in the world and national) have a lot of difficulties for teaching Marxist-Leninist science. This is the period, in addition to innovation, improve quality, content and teaching methods to suit the new situation, the Faculty also deploy compliment, and teaching new subjects. At that time, the Faculty has nine divisions: Marxist-Leninist Philosophy; History of Eastern thoughts and Vietnam; Introduction to Eastern philosophy; Logics; Marxist-Leninist Economics and Politics; Scientific socialism; History of the Communist Party; State and law; Ho Chi Minh Ideology. Then, the two divisions: Marxist-Leninist aesthetics and psychology are merged into the Faculty, so the total number of subjects are 11 subjects. The Faculty is named: Faculty of political theory.
In 2012, along with the process of reform and renewal of the Education and Training Sector, Hanoi University of Culture has important changes and developments, including changes in the organizational structure under rational and effective direction. Faculty of Political theory received two divisions: Information Technology; Physical Education and Defense Education. The Faculty is newly named: Faculty of political theory and basic sciences. In addition to the courses that the Faculty is responsible, the University was entrusted to give the Faculty two subjects of Basic Science: Scientific research methodology and Cultural Guidelines of Communist Party of Vietnam. Thus, Faculty of political theory and basic science has never had tremendous advantages as well as the heavy responsibility to develop as now.

2.1. Board of Deans
Dr. Main Lecturer. Nguyen Thi Thanh Mai - DEAN
Tel: 0972.055.603
Email: maintt@huc.edu.vn
Tel: 0984.805.259
Email: lanvtt@huc.edu.vn
2.2.  Subject divisions
- Basic principles of Marxism-Leninism (Head of division: MA. Nguyen Thi Tuyet)
- Basic Sciences (Head of division: MA. Nguyen Manh Cuong)
- History of ideas and Ho Chi Minh Ideology (Head of Division: MA. Tran Thi Mai Thanh)
- Information Technology (Head of Division: Dr. Do Quang Vinh)
- Physical Education and Defense Education (Head of Division: MA. Ton Thanh Hai)
2.3.  Lecturers:  the Faculty has 25 lecturers, of which 100% achieved PhD degree and Masters degrees (04 PhD, 03 PhD students, 18 masters).
1. A brief history
On March 26th 1959, Ministry of Culture (currently, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) decided to establish the Cultural Officer School, formerly of Hanoi University of Culture. Over 55 years of growth and development of next-generation of lecturers, and officials have constantly striven, performed political tasks that the Party and the State entrusted with the training of staff with high qualifications, competence in the organization and management of cultural activities throughout the country.
Division of Physical Education and Defense Education is given the duties to enhance the health and basic knowledge of the Defense Security for students.
In the early establishment, Division of Physical Education and Defense Education has only one full-time staff to manage both physical education and defense education. By 1966, the division recruited Ms. Nguyen Thuy Son in charge of physical education. However, at this stage, the division is under History – Geography divisions chaired by Mr. Tran Cu Khu as its head. From the years 1980 - 1986 Division of Physical Education and Defense Education was officially separated independent and Mr. Tran Vu An was assigned as head of the  division. From the years 1986 – 1993, Ms. Nguyen Thuy Son served as Head of Division. From 1993 - 2006 Mr. Hoang Chinh Tam was the Head of the division. From 2006 - 2012 Mr Nguyen Duc Kham is the Head. In 2012, along with the entire organization throughout the University, the Board of Chancellor decided to merge the Division of Physical Education and Defense Education with Faculty of political theory and basic science and MA. Ton Thanh Hai as the head of division.
2. Organizational structure
In the past years, Division of Physical Education and Defense Education has been constantly improving academic and professional qualifications. Currently Division of Physical Education and Defense Education has 08 Lecturers in which 07 lecturers in Physical Education and 01 army officer.
  Full name Title Tasks
1 Ton Thanh Hai MA Head of Division - Lecturer
2 Phan Hoang Lan MA Lecturer
3 Pham Viet Ha MA Lecturer
4 Pham The Hoang MA Lecturer
5 Dinh Thi Hang MA Lecturer
6 Nguyen Ngoc Quy MA Lecturer
7 Dinh Dac Thi MA Lecturer
8 Bui Xuan Manh MA Lecturer
9 Pham Van Tue Bachelor Lieutenant - Army  Officer

3. Training subjects
3.1. Physical education:
- Table Tennis
- Badminton
- Athletics
- Exercise
3.2. National Defense Education
- Military guidelines of the Party
- Defense Security
- General and military tactics, AK rifles shooting techniques (CKC)

4. Achievements in recent years
During the establishment, Division has regularly renewed and enhanced professional skills to better meet the tasks assigned by the University.
Over the years, the Division has made some achievements in major tournaments at the level of County, City and Nationwide: Gold, silver medal for individual in Military Shooting, Silver medal for Swimming in nationwide student swimming championship, gold, silver award of the University Swimming championship, Bronze medal in Karatedo Championship for university students.
- Team of lecturers actively involves in the sport activities as Badminton, Table Tennis, Football, Performances held by Hanoi Trade Union.
In the work of National Defense – Security Education, the Division achieved: Dong Da district awarded the first prize in self-defense seminars, Excellence in the movement to win of Dong Da District in 2001, 2004, 2006, 2007.

Faculty of political theory and basic science has played a pivotal role in the ideological and political works, sports culture of the University. The team of the Faculty and all divisions in the Faculty have been awarded for many years with labor collective excellence, Emulation Flag for sports activities and commended by the Minister of Education and Training on students training achievement to have high prizes in Olympiads in the Marxist-Leninist Science and Ho Chi Minh Ideology for students of universities and colleges across the country. Many lecturers achieve the title: Emulation, excellent teachers in Ministry level, University level, Teacher of Merit. There are many comrades joining the University committee, Deputy secretary of the Party Committee, Vice Chancellor, President of the Executive Board of Trade Union, etc.
Faculty of Political Theory and Basic science undertakes qualified teaching for all the training types in the system: Full-time, college, training Associate, the work-study training.
The Faculty is highly appreciated in the work of scientific research. Many lecturers actively involved in basic science research, writing many articles for national and international professional journals and prestigious conferences. Every year, the Faculty organizes scientific Seminar and Workshop and publishes Proceedings.

- Strengthen the organization and assign specific tasks in accordance with professional requirements for the divisions, and give responsibilities for each division in the quality of teaching and training management.
- Continue to improve the quality of teaching, in accordance with the requirements of modern education and the needs of the society.
- Promote further scientific research; Mount scientific research with practical teaching.
- Constantly improve professional skills, participate in quality training, professional training, etc.
- Exchange and cooperate with other professional university, guide intership for students, etc.
5. Development orientation and ability to meet the needs of the society
5.1. Training activities
- Follow the credit system of the Ministry of Education and Training.
- Innovate and enhance teaching  content, teaching methods together with practical training to meet the needs of society.
- Diversify the curricular, extracurricular forms of Physical Education.
- To encourage and attract students to practice in association with the motto of learner-centered activities for everyone.
5.2. Qualifications Improvement 
- Continuous develop and improve capacity, qualification of lecturers.
- Facilitate lecturers to participate in scientific researches.
5.3. Cooperative Extension:
- Strengthen cooperation with others Faculty, divisions and organizations. Organize annual sports competitions throughout the university, a friendly competition between Facultys and units within and outside on occasion of some big day anniversary.
- Develop Division of Physical Education – Defense Education and ensure the quality of training, the mission of long-term strategic development of education and training at Hanoi University of Culture.
6. Contact
- Bộ môn GDTC – QP tầng 2 nhà GDTC.
+ Số Điện thoại: 0438511971 – 135.
- Trưởng Bộ môn: Tôn Thanh Hải
+ Email: haitt@huc.edu.vn
+ Tel    : 0912488718

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