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Địa chỉ: Tầng 1 – Nhà E, 418 Đường La Thành, Đống Đa, Hà Nội, Việt Nam
Tel: (84-4) 38511971, máy lẻ 125
Email VPK: giadinhhoc@huc.edu.vn

TS.Bùi Thanh Thủy – Phụ trách khoa

Tel: 04.38511971/128
Mobile: 0913399738
Email: thuybt@huc.edu.vn


After the dissolution of the Committee of Population, Family and Children, the activities of the state management of the family have changed. Currently all of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has family room. That's not to mention other personnel are involved in the program / government organizations / NGOs working in the family, in the media about social issues. A series of production enterprises or service providers are required home team understand consumer psychology, the family needs to have user defined, adjusting the supply of - and demand for goods. The family itself is also in need of advice and support activities such as family economic development, organizational life, values ​​education, cultural construction, appropriate behavior ... Real Needs that society requires training sector nature of family aggregate to improve the quality of human resource activities are directly implement practical activities. Therefore, family science and industry Family and Social Work was established to become the 12th department of the University of Culture in Hanoi.
Tập thể khoam
Khoa Gia đình và Cồng tác xã hội chính thức thành lập ngày 11.6.2015

The dean
Faculty in charge: Dr. Bui Thanh Thuy
Teaching staff
Science has a team of faculty members and visiting professional skilled, experienced, qualified 100% or more from the masters. Many Professor, Associate Professor, Doctor from the service, institutes and research centers, non-governmental organizations, universities and abroad to teach.

Family learning sector
Specialization: Goverment of family
The program fostering knowledge about family, social issues related to family
The program is built on the basis of access to the training programs of the most advanced countries in the world with a system of knowledge about the family in two directions:
Theoretical research on the family: family background, family functions, types of families, the basic characteristics of the traditional family, the development trend of family, family economic model ...
Applied research on the family: the professional activities aimed at orientation, adjust the formulation grassroots cultural life, building cultural families, the activities in the field of family services ...
Standards of knowledge
+ Understand the general knowledge of the family and the fields related to the family a basic, systematic.
+ Understand the legal framework and the functions and responsibilities of the units operating in the field of family.
+ Know the implementation of sector-specific work family school.
+ Know the application of business management and family services.
+ Know consulting social issues, psychology, and business consulting.
Skills Standards
+ Skills in research, forecasting, develop policies on the family and social activities related to the work of the family.
+ There are organizational skills, operating activities of state management of the family.
+ To organize and manipulate cultural professional activities in the field of family.
+ Skills in implementing consulting activities and family service providers.
Standard Attitude
 There is strong ideological stance, all the way to master plan of the Party policies and laws of the State in general and in particular in the areas of work of the current industry;
      Labor spirited passion, creativity, passion for this job; sense of community and environmental protection;
 Ethical behavior good, the style industry, humility, simplicity in daily life; optimistic, ambitious, honest, careful, candid, objective and demand market ...
There is the sense of preserving national cultural identity, said promoting the traditional cultural values ​​of their units;
Constantly updated with new knowledge; creative application of scientific advances in the work assigned.
Placement of students after graduation
+ As professionals, family workers, cultural workers, social issues in the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Vietnam Women's Union, the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs Assembly, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; foreign affairs agencies of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in the provinces and cities directly under the central government, administrative bodies and local centrally; Commission maternal and child ...
+ Become a researcher at the National Strategy Institute, Women's Hospital officials, academics of Arts and Culture, Institute of Sociology, Institute Man ...
+ Expert of non-governmental organizations
+ Reporters, editors of newspapers and magazines, the press agencies, radio and television from the central to local levels, the communications holding company and held events on the array of women, family culture, social culture; external information center on culture and society of the ministries, departments, branches centrally and locally.
+ Staff, faculty, research at universities, colleges and secondary vocational schools ... training in social work, women learn, sociology ... and agencies, functional training units other cultural creation.
+ Staff / consultants, marketing personnel, marketing, business PR for consumer goods producers, the service business enterprise family, the economic organization ...
+ Expert family at the center of research, community development, family, gender, reformatory centers, rehabilitation, care for the elderly and children ...
 Officer + family, cultural officers in charge of the family of the function rooms of the wards, communes and districts of the province, city or town committee.

Ability to improve their learning
 Qualified for university study by the 2nd of related subjects such as cultural management, media culture, cultural tourism ...
Depending on the possibilities and conditions of individuals can continue learning at a higher level such as MA, PhD at the University of Hanoi Culture and other training establishments in the national education system in Vietnam Male and internationally.
Platform support
+ System clubs "family skills", "Family counseling", "social volunteers" under the school and the Faculty Association.
+ Annual Contest "good family counselor", "social activist potential."
+ Promote extracurricular programs, interact with businesses, social organizations, non-governmental organizations and educational institutions in the country and internationally.
+ Good operation Organisation of Youth, Students Association.
In close cooperation with the Department of Family - Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism; non-governmental organizations, embassies, international funds, the community development center ...
Expand cooperation with universities and research institutes at home and abroad involved in the field of training in the family, the state management of the family, family culture and social issues.
Expanded cooperation relationship with the system of business enterprise family services in countries and regions in order to link training with practical reasoning.
Science aims to establish diverse specializations related to the field of family and social work. Meet the mission requirements of the industry School and Culture, Sports and Tourism of the country in the period of strong international integration; improve the quality of training outcomes; High quality training under the advanced model. Became the leading educational institutions in the training, research family sector, state management of family and social work quality and prestige, on a par with university training this field in the region and the world.
Faculty can participate in contracting the implementation of scientific research projects, construction training program, compiling textbooks and reference materials, organizing training sessions short or long-term, regular system work-study or ... on the issue of family, Culture, family and social Affairs.

1. Khoa Gia đình và Công tác xã hội, Trường Đại học Văn hóa Hà Nội; 418 La Thành, Đống Đa, Hà Nội
(04) 38511971 – 125
Email: khoagiadinhvacongtacxahoi@huc.edu.vn
2. Phụ trách khoa: Tiến sĩ Bùi Thanh Thủy
(04) 38511971 – 128.
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