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1. Our history

Hanoi University of Culture was established on March 26th, 1959 by the Decision No 134/VH-QD of Ministry of Culture. During the past 60 years, the University has achieved the following milestones:

The first stage: between 1959 and 1960

In this period, HUC began with a simple vision: to improve knowledge and skills related to political culture for people working in cultural sectors. HUC was named“School of cultural officials”

The second stage: between1960 and 1977

The Ministry of Culture decided to improve the school size, so HUC was named “School of Theory and Professional skills of Culture”

The third stage: between 1977 and 1982

The Prime Minister signed the Decision No 246/CP to enhance the HUC’s functions of training. Therefore, HUC became a college of professional skills of culture.

The fourth stage: From 1982 to now

In 1982, the Prime Minister signed the Decision No 228/TC-QD to improve the School into a University.From that time on, HUC has served the functions of training highly qualified and highly-skilled professionals for tourism, publications, library science and cultural management.

2. Our missions and visions

2.1. Our mission

Hanoi University of Culture has a national reputation for quality research and education on culture. HUC has been training highly qualified professionals for cultural sectors in Vietnam. HUC helps graduates become skilled professionals on culture - making a positive impact on the development and international integrations of Vietnam.

2.2. Our vision

DevelopingHUC into a research-based, multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary university; ranking among other universities in Asia; achieving the educational approvals of international inspections. 


Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Vu Duc Dam and Minister of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism,
Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thien, paid a visit to Hanoi University of Culture


3. HUC’s functions

3.1. Education

There are 14 undergraduate programs with 22 different courses and 3 postgraduate programs.

* Undergraduate programs

1. Cultural studies:
                Cultural study courses
                Cultural media courses
2. Tourism:
                Cultural tourism study course
                Tour guide courses
                International   tour guide courses
3. Cultural management:
                Cultural policies, Art and Cultural management courses
                Event director courses, Music performance, and Choreographer courses
                Heritage management course
Government management on families
4.  Travel and tourism service management
5. Museum studies
6. Information management
7. Library Science
8. Journalism
9. Creative writing
10. English
11. Family studies
12. Law
13. Vietnamese ethnic and minority culture
14. Publishing for business
Duration: 4 years
Study modes:  Full – time;  Part – time

Degree: Bachelor
* Postgraduate programs:

Master programs:
1. Information and library sciences
2. Cultural studies
3. Cultural management
Duration: 2 or 3 years
Study modes: full-time (in 2 years)  and part-time (in 3 years)

Degree: Master

    PhD programs:
1. Information and library science
2. Cultural study
3. Cultural management
Duration:  5 years for students holding a bachelor’s degree; 3 or 4 years for students holding a master’s degree
Degree: PhD

* Short courses

Some undergraduate programs
Duration: between 1 week and 6 months
Degree: certificates

3.2. Scientific Research

HUC produces research about the following fields:
Library science
Cultural policy and management
 Preservation and museum
Business publishing
Tourism studies
Ethnic and minority culture
Cultural studies
Literary theory and criticism
Contemporary culture
Cultural heritage
Cultural sociology
International culture

4. Staffs

Up until 2018 December, HUC has had 133 lecturers and 126 administrative assistants.

There are 56 staff who have PhD degrees, 137 staff who have a master’s degree and 48 staffs who have a bachelor’s degree.

HUC has 12 Associate Professors and 27 senior lecturers.

5. Student numbers

Up until 2018 August, there have been 5009 full-time undergraduate students, 872 part-time undergraduate students, 333 master students and 88 PhD studentsin HUC.


Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism,
Mr. Le Quang Tung, paid a visit to Hanoi University of Culture


6. Achievements

HUC is the largest university belonging to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. During the 60 years of development, HUC has beentraining thousands of students in various cultural sectors. They are now working in the cultural field   throughout the whole country. Almost all staff of both government and local officers who work in cultural sectors have been students of HUC. Many of them have achieved key positions in cultural management. HUC also has been training Lao and Cambodia staff  as well, who are also working in cultural sectors.
HUC has been cooperating with many international high-ranking universities, implementing important research projects with various domestic and international agencies.

In 1991, the postgraduate programs were opened as a significant milestone in terms of studying Information science and Cultural studies. The programs meet the demands of a thousand of staffs working on information and cultural systems. 200 students have graduated from the two majors.

HUC has been developing research as well. HUC has been hosting many national and international conferences, even during the war time. The research projects that have been carried out by lecturers and researchers at HUC have been accessing a theoretical framework on traditional culture. The research findings from these projects have been contributing to the cultural studies in contemporary Vietnam.

 In addition, HUC has been encouraging students to conduct research projects. The research findings from their projects are awarded annually. Further, for the last two years, HUC was awarded “Outstanding achievements on the research developments for students” by the Ministry of Education and Training.

Hanoi University of Culture has been awarded the following medals from the Government: the third rank Labor Medal(1984), the second rank Labor Medal (1989), the first rank Labor Medal (1994), the third rank Independence Medal (2004), the second rank Independence Medal (2014), and thethird rank Labor Medal (2019)

7. Plans for the next stages

Maintaining the current models of education and research; expanding the scale of HUC in terms of training and doing research; aiming to be one of the top quality and largest research centers in Vietnam on cultural management and cultural studies.

8. Address
418  LaThành street - Đống Đa District - Hà Nội, postcode 1000
Tel: (024) 3851.1971, 3851.8059, 3851.8071
Fax: (024) 3514.1629
Email: dhvh@huc.edu.vn; daihocvanhoahanoi@huc.edu.vn
Website: www.huc.edu.vn
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