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1. Address
418 La Thanh Road, Dongda District, Hanoi.
Tel: (844) 3851.1971, 3851.8059, 3851.8071
Fax: (844) 3514.1629
Email: dhvh@huc.edu.vn; daihocvanhoahanoi@huc.edu.vn
Website: www.huc.edu.vn


2. Summary history
Hanoi University of Culture was founded on March 26th, 1959 by the Decision No. 134/VH-QD of the Ministry of Culture (now the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism). During the development process, the University has undergone some memorable milestones:
Stage 1: From 1959 to 1960
Its name was “School of Cultural cadres”. The mission of the school is fostering political and professional knowledge for cultural staffs.
Stage 2: From Aug, 1960 to 1977
The name was changed into “School of Cultural professional theories” by the Decision No.127/VHQD of the Ministry of Culture.
Stage 3: From Sep, 1977 to 1982
The School was upgraded to “The College of Cultural profession” by the Decision No. 246/CP of the Prime Minister.
Stage 4: From Sep 1982 to present
The name was changed into “Hanoi University of Culture” (HUC) by the Decision No.228/TC-QD of the Prime Minister. The main functions of the University are training staffs who work in the field of library, museum and conservation, publication, cultural tourism and organizing cultural activities.


3. The functions of the HUC

HUC has two main functions: Educating and doing scientific research
Educational function
Graduate level:
Duration of training: 4 years
-        Type of training
o   Full time
o   Non full time
o   In-service training
-        Degree: Bachelor of Culture
-        Majors and specialities
o   Museum Studies
§  Museum
§  Monuments Conservation
§  Cultural heritage management
o   Publication Bussiness
o   Ethnic Minority Culture of Vietnam
§  State management on ethnic minority culture
§  Organizing ethinic minority cultural activities
o   Cultural Management
§  Policies on culture and arts management
§  Musical activities management
§  Fine arts and Advertisement management
§  State management on family
o   Vietnamese Studies (Cultural Tourism)
§  Cultural tourism
§  Tour guide – Tour operator
§  Tourism management
o   Library science 
o   Information Studies
o   Cultural Studies
§  Cultural research
§  Communication culture
o   Literature Writing
§  Literature writing
§  Press writing
Post-graduate level:
-        Training time: 2 years with full-time students or 3 years with part-time students
-        Master Degree
-        Majors:
o   Cultural studies
o   Library - Information Science
o   Cultural Management
-        Training time: 5 years undergraduate degree holders or 3 years for master degree holders.
-        Ph.D. Degree
-        Majors:
o   Cultural Studies
o   Library - Information Science
o   Cultural Management
Short-term training courses:
-        Time: From 1 week to 6 months
-        Certification
-        Specialities: Some subjects trained at the University.
Scientific Research Function
Lecturers and staffs of HUC carry out scientific research activities annually. The researches fucus on the field of Library studies, Cultural management and policies, Museum and Conservation, Publication Business, Tourism studies, Ethnic minority Culture, Cultural studies, Contemporary Culture, Cultural Heritage, Cultural Sociology, International Culture, etc., 

4. The number of students (Academic year 2013-2014 )

Total: 8,022, of which:
-        Full-time graduate students: 5,208
-        In-service students: 2,404
Post-graduate candidates: 410

5. Number of Faculty (2013 ): 300 people, including

-     Associate Professor: 12
-     Ph.D holders: 25
-     Master holders: 132
-     Bachelor: 101
-     Other qualifications: 30
-     Lecturers: 157 people, of which:
+   Senior lecturer: 33
+   Lecturer: 124
-        Staffs: 143 people, of which:
+  Senior staffs: 4
+   Staffs: 49
+   Senior researchers: 2
+   Researchers: 17
+   Senior librarians: 1
+   Librarians: 18
Others: 52
6. Some remarkable achievements:

-        As the largest training institute of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, during 55 years, the University has been training thousands of cultural cadres who are working in throughout the country. Most of cultural staffs in the central or provincial agencies have been or are students of Hanoi University of Culture and among them there are many people hold key positions in governmental offices as well as in the field of culture and communication. Many cultural staffs of Laos and Cambodia have also been trained at the University.
-        Hanoi University of Culture has international cooperation relationships with many big universities and prestigious scientific organizations all over the world, joint implementing many effective scientific cooperation activities.
-        Post-graduate training system was founded in 1991 with two majors: Information - Library and Cultural Studies that meet the demand of improving the qualification of thousands of librarians and cultural staff. Currently, Post-graduate training system has trained over 200 masters of these two majors.
-        The University also focuses on promoting the scientific research activity. Many national and international scientific conference have been organized, even in wartime. The subjects of the researches have been approaching to basic theoretical issues on traditional culture, and make a big contribution to the modern culture research.
-        The scientific research activity of students also develops. The scientific research works by HUC’s students are awarded "Students do excellent scientific research" annually. In two years continuously, the HUC was awarded “Outstanding achievements in the student scientific research movement” by the Ministry of Education and Training.
Since the above achievements, the Hanoi University of Culture has been awarded three Labor Medal: Third rank Labor Medal(1984), Second rank Labor Medal (1989), First rank Labor Medal (1994), Third rank Independence Medal (2004) andSecond rank Independence Medal (2014).

7. Development orienation for the next stage

Maintaining the model that training combines doing scientific research, gradually expanding the scale and improving the reseach and educational quality and efficiency; become one of the largest research centers in culture in general, in cultural and professional management in particular all over the country.
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